Company History And Milestones

Over the years, I Care Net has achieved significant milestones that have propelled us toward our mission of ethical entrepreneurship and shared prosperity. Here are some key moments in our journey:

June: Launch of e-shop
    • July: Care Team creation
    • October: Partnership with MTN
    • February: Introduction of Medical & Commercial Discount Cards

July: Shoogir Cash Integration & Partnership with EBS

    • January: Infinity Plan Launch
    • February: Yalla Shbab Partnership with MTN
    • January: Launch of E-Relief & Aura Filters
    • February: Cure Medical Poly Clinics
    • March: Partnership with BCC
    • July: Blueorange System Launch and Ubuntu Taxi
    • February: Abdounz Edutainment Center
    • June: We Hub
    • January: Mint Launching
    • January: O-pen Training Center
March: Shariah Supervisory Committee

Key Achievements

for excellence in empowering people and communities. Our milestones reflect our commitment to the sharing economy and our dedication to making a global impact.

Notable Products & Services:

Shoogir Cash

Shoogir Cash is Sudan's pioneering mobile payment app, revolutionizing the electronic transaction landscape. It encompasses a wide range of payment solutions, from utility bills to phone credits, online transactions, and government payments. In its first three months, Shoogir Cash distributed nearly half a million Cash Aman Cards. Within just six months of operation, it secured over 69% of the market share in Sudan's electronic transaction industry.


Abduonz Edutainment Center

Abduonz Edutainment Center is a dynamic space dedicated to nurturing the holistic development of children. Through innovative learning tools and methods, it focuses on enhancing academic, psychological, and social well-being. Serving as a bridge between schools, parents, children, and the community, the center creates an environment that promotes collaborative learning and personal growth.


We Hub 

We Hub is more than just a business center; it's your partner in success. Offering coworking spaces, dedicated desks, and private offices for rent, We Hub provides a range of consulting services covering all aspects of business, from financial and marketing consultations to development strategies. Furthermore, it hosts artistic events and organizes conferences, making it a dynamic hub for entrepreneurs and professionals.


MINT Virtual Learning 

Our cutting-edge educational system, MINT, reimagines the way teachers and learners connect in a dynamic virtual learning environment. MINT™ brings the Republic of Sudan's curriculum to life with interactive content, enriching the e-learning experience and raising academic and cultural standards. Through engaging and enjoyable interactive education, we empower educators to define learning objectives and employ effective teaching, assessment, and evaluation strategies.



Ubuntu is a game-changing sharing economy taxi application, redefining the way people access transportation services. With a commitment to sustainability, Ubuntu offers convenient and eco-friendly travel options while fostering a sense of community and collaboration among users.


 O-Pen Training Center

The center was established to enhance the capabilities of iCareNet's internal and external community in various areas of human development and skill enhancement. These areas include strategic planning, decision-making, problem-solving, effective communication skills, and leadership in entrepreneurship, among others. The center also aims to qualify iCareNet's community members to become experts in training within their internal and external communities.


 Aura Filters

Aura Filters, based on cutting-edge German technology, boast the world's smallest 5-micron filter candle. This innovative water purification system is designed to deliver exceptionally clean water with unparalleled ease of installation.